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Israel Sql Injection Dork

Israel Sql Injection Dork
Israel Dooms Day:

intext:"error in your SQL syntax" +site:il

intext:"mysql_num_rows()" +site:il

intext:"mysql_fetch_array()" +site:il

intext:"Error Occurred While Processing Request" +site:il

intext:"Server Error in '/' Application" +site:il

intext:"Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error" +site:il

intext:"Invalid Querystring" +site:il

intext:"OLE DB Provider for ODBC" +site:il

intext:"VBScript Runtime" +site:il

intext:"ADODB.Field" +site:il

intext:"BOF or EOF" +site:il

intext:"ADODB.Command" +site:il

intext:"JET Database" +site:il

intext:"mysql_fetch_row()" +site:il

intext:"Syntax error" +site:il

intext:"include()" +site:il

intext:"mysql_fetch_assoc()" +site:il

intext:"mysql_fetch_object()" +site:il

intext:"mysql_numrows()" +site:il

intext:"GetArray()" +site:il

intext:"FetchRow()" +site:il

intext:"Input string was not in a correct format" +site:il

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